I want you to know that the program has been very effective and has far exceeded our expectations. We are particularly pleased that accidents and worker’s compensation claims both have gone way down. We also believe that the training was the real key to the success of the program.

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Policy & Legal Support


A policy is the foundation of your program and is an important tool in routine operation of your company.  We work with you to address all the issues necessary to create a policy that:

  • Reflects the company’s culture
  • emulates how the company functions operationally
  • has management commitment
  • is legally sound and ensures liability protection
  • creates the broadest possible impact
  • provides the best return-on-investment
  • maintains the best rates & highest quality testing
  • is user-friendly
  • is able to be utilized effectively and consistently


Serving as the cornerstone, the policy and its appendices are important components which set forth all the parameters that ensure a sound, defensible approach, including:

  • circumstances permitting the consumption and possession of alcohol
  • reporting of prescription drugs without violating privacy laws
  • appropriate levels of testing (there are 23 possibilities)
  • definition of “under the influence” of drugs and alcohol
  • what constitutes reasonable suspicion and who is empowered to make the decision
  • definition of an accident and the referral process
  • actions against tests that are tampered with (adulterated, diluted, substituted)

In addition, it is important to consider the laws that impact this issue, including:

  • federal regulations such as ADA, FMLA, Title VII, NLRA, and the Drug-Free Workplace Act;
  • relevant case law and statutory law
  • both worker’s and unemployment compensation
  • civil, administrative and judicial remedies (including employer exposure to criminal and civil liability)

NOTE: With the policy, a policy summary is provided for distribution to applicants, employees,, and insertion into an Employee Handbook.

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