I want you to know that the program has been very effective and has far exceeded our expectations. We are particularly pleased that accidents and worker’s compensation claims both have gone way down. We also believe that the training was the real key to the success of the program.

V.P. Human Resources - R&D, manufacturing, distribution, retail company - 15,000 employees

Message from the President

Dear Business Leader:

Christine Clearwater aThe years 2009 and 2010, will be challenging for businesses on many fronts.  As part of the equation, companies will need to find the most cost-effective, time-saving and efficient means to provide as safe and productive a work environment as possible.

During this down economy, America has seen a dramatic increase in substance abuse.  The emotional stress and strain caused by economic cut-backs, job insecurity, and foreclosures, as well as a world gone awry with the threat of terrorism is taking a toll.  Along with the increasing abuse of drugs and alcohol, is the greater demand for treatment. A person is considered to be at a four-to-five times greater risk for drug and alcohol relapse based on the exposure to fear and trauma.

This is only the first wave.  The abuse of drugs and alcohol will inevitably increase, along with a company’s potential legal and financial responsibilities. In these challenging times, protecting your company means protecting your employees, your customers and your bottom line.

When it comes to substance abuse, “business as usual” doesn’t work.  Nor can you do a broad brush cutback.  Rather, these times demand restructuring in a proactive manner to the ever changing environment, including the workplace substance abuse problem.

As your partner, DSG can provide you the solutions that simplify the process, reduce your cost of doing business and ensure legal defensibility, while allowing for your organization’s specific needs, culture and management style.

We look forward to working with you and your management team.



Christine Clearwater

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