I want you to know that the program has been very effective and has far exceeded our expectations. We are particularly pleased that accidents and worker’s compensation claims both have gone way down. We also believe that the training was the real key to the success of the program.

V.P. Human Resources - R&D, manufacturing, distribution, retail company - 15,000 employees

Company Overview

Drug-Free Solutions Group, LLC (DSG) was founded in 2000 to provide services that reduce the risks and losses due to the impact of substance abuse in the workplace. As one of the leading specialty firms in America, DSG has been the consulting firm of choice for over 1,000 nationally and internationally based clients representing most every industry which range from 12-15,000 employees per organization.

DSG provides a comprehensive range of drug-free workplace services, which focus on small and medium sized businesses, including state-of-the art:

  • needs assessment;
  • tailored program development;
  • legal research and support;
  • drug and alcohol testing administration;
  • employee education and manager training;
  • employee assistance programs;
  • community and school programs;
  • speeches and workshops; and
  • on-going consultation.

DSG services encompass all the components of a sound risk management program and utilizes the combined purchasing power of all it clients to achieve cost savings. We serve as an integral resource for our clients, their managers and their human resources personnel on an ongoing basis. As times change, as the industry changes, as the economy changes and as our clients change - we are here for their lasting success.

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